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Rambo The Video Game 1.5

First-person rail shooter based on the Rambo movies
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Games based on popular licenses are rarely any good, and nothing illustrates this like the overall quality of Rambo - the Video Game. Developed by the Polish studio Teyon, it uses the first three cult movies as the backbone for a fixed-perspective rail shooter where you control the legendary John Rambo, a war veteran and an iconic action hero.

Unfortunately, there's hardly any story, and the in-game levels are only connected by way of poorly animated cutscenes repeating the ones from the films. Coupled with horrendously bad audio ripped straight from the movies, this leaves a poor impression. The graphics look seriously obsolete, and the in-game physics feels really fake. There is, however, quite a large selection of customizable weapons, as well as a rudimentary skill system that lets you choose various perks.

The core gameplay is a classical rail shooter where you don't even control the movements of Rambo, only shoot his gun. It's nothing special, but various quick-time events make for a somewhat more diverse experience, if not for the quality and timing of animation.

Overall, the Rambo - video game is not very good. It's hilariously outdated, has almost no plot and rides exclusively on nostalgia. But it can still be a fun rusty experience.

James Lynch
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  • Legendary license


  • Poor graphics
  • Poor physics
  • Poor sound
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